Saturday, November 18, 2006

how proud i am of the residents of my state

NOT (well NOT in this case). i sure do hope they catch the gunmen. they DID catch the five teen who assaulted another victim in manchester. (hey everyone, the ps3 is a GAME. it's a GAME, NOT some type of life-saving device)

PlayStation Frenzy Gets Violent Man Shot Waiting For Sought-After PS3

By TRACY GORDON FOX Courant Staff Writer November 18 2006
PUTNAM -- The line of teens and twentysomethings waiting outside Wal-Mart for the coveted new PlayStation 3 early Friday morning began to perk up as torrential rain turned to drizzle and only a few hours remained until the store opened.They were laughing and talking when suddenly two gunmen appeared, dressed in black and wearing ski masks. One showed what appeared to be a silver handgun, and the other, a few inches taller and heavier, cradled a sawed-off shotgun, witnesses said."Empty your pockets!" one of them shouted.Most of the people in line complied, giving up small amounts of cash, saying they only had credit cards. But Michael Penkala, 21, of nearby Webster, Mass., was not about to part with the hundreds of dollars he and his grandmother had pooled. Penkala planned to sell a few of the PlayStations on eBay to make some extra money for the holidays, some of which he planned to share with his grandmother...........

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Fuzzy Turtle said...

damn. I'm just glad this kid is okay, he could have been killed! That said.. I don't understand this lining up at night for a video game. For a kidney, YES. For a PS3.. no.

Maybe retailers will think of a better method for early distribution (show up and get wristband for example, and come back when the store is open). Its only a matter of time before they get slapped with some liability after someone is killed :(