Monday, November 13, 2006

my favorite food in the whole wide world; polenta

i made this for my pops and kept some for me on the side (since i don't eat cheese, i made mine vegan)
i started with this
recipe as a guide but then i added my own touches.
(all the ingredients i used i found in my fathers fridge or cabinets)

i made a simple sauce out of onions and parmalat pomi tomatoes (the ones in the little box, not canned), a can of whole foods sauce and a can of tomato paste (of course i used seasonings as well). i only cooked the sauce for 20 minutes or so. i rehydrated a bunch of different kinds of dried mushrooms i had and set those aside. i cooked up some frozen spinich and mixed that with the drained mushrooms. i grated some fresh nutmeg in the mixture and set it aside. i then grated some parmesean and chopped up some gouda and set that aside. i made the polenta (i got some bulk polenta from whole foods. the grains were big and were a very nice yellow color) using a couple of vegan bouillion cubes and a couple of tablespoons of margerine. i used approximately 8 c of water to 2 1/2 c polenta. i added about 1/3 of the polenta with the mushroom spinich mixture and i added a cup or two of the sauce to the remaining polenta. i put 1/2 of the red polenta in the bottom of a greased foil pan. i then spooned on the green layer. i topped that with the two cheeses. after that i spooned on the remaining red polenta. put a bit more of the plain red sauce on top of that and sprinkled a bit more parmesean on the very top. i baked it for about 1/2 hour (give or take) at 350 degrees.

my popi couldn't stop raving about it (if i do say so myself). then again, he grew up on it. it was one of noni's standard dishes (my noni was the best cook in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

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