Wednesday, November 15, 2006

i've told this before

and it's befitting at this time, i say it again. when i was at the texas state fair (MANY years ago) an emu shat on my shoe (and i was attacked by a herd of pygmy goats. i didn't mind that though. they were adorable)

Emu's Freedom Ends With Heart Attack

SIMSBURY, Conn. -- An emu that had been on the run from a Simsbury farm for four months was finally recaptured, but has died after an apparent heart attack.
The large, flightless bird had bolted from Flamig Farm in July and was caught Monday.
The bird was cornered at a fence in the north end of Simsbury, but died before it could be returned to the farm, where it had been hatched four to five years ago.

Officials said that during its four months on the loose, the emu had romped through the woods of Simsbury, Avon, Canton, Burlington and New Hartford.

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