Tuesday, May 23, 2006

what's this? interesting news i must say

Dodd Poised For Possible '08 Presidential Run
10:00 PM EDT,May 22, 2006 By DAVID LIGHTMAN, Washington Bureau Chief
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Christopher J. Dodd said today he has "decided to do all the things that are necessary to prepare to seek the presidency in 2008."The Connecticut Democrat will hire staff, raise money and travel around the country in the next few months as he tries to enlist support.Like other presidential contenders, Dodd said during a lengthy interview in his Capitol Hill office that he will not formally decide until early next year whether to make his bid official. At the moment, he joins about 10 other major Democratic Party figures who are considering a run.Dodd came close to running in 2004 but never entered the race. Circumstances are different today -- he is not up for re-election to his Senate seat, and colleague Joe Lieberman is not running for president.Dodd, who turns 62 Saturday, was elected by a wide margin to a fifth Senate term in 2004. He has never lost an election, but starts his White House effort as a long shot -- invisible in most presidential preference polls..........

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