Wednesday, May 24, 2006

this is what happens when we don't care about one another

you don't call 911 for help even if it's badly needed. this is just a big shame. the number one priority should NOT be la migra, it SHOULD BE one's life

Fear Delays Call For Help Worker's Fall Now An Immigration Case

By ARIELLE LEVIN BECKER And DANIELA ALTIMARI Courant Staff Writers May 24 2006 MIDDLETOWN -- When she first heard the crash, Valerie Melanson figured it was debris.Then she saw several of the men who had been working on the roof next door rush to the back of the house. A young man from Ecuador who was part of the construction crew was lying in the driveway, on his back."I saw them trying to revive the guy," she said. "And they weren't having a good time at it."Melanson asked if the men had called for help; one of them waved her away.But time slipped by and she still hadn't heard sirens. Finally, Melanson dialed 911.Police say the men, apparently fearful of detection by immigration officials, tried to administer their own form of first aid to an injured co-worker, who had fallen 30 feet off the steeply pitched roof late Monday morning.Ultimately, a half-hour elapsed before the injured man got the medical help he desperately needed. He was flown by helicopter to Hartford Hospital with a broken leg, dislocated shoulder and other injuries.The remaining seven workers were taken into custody by federal authorities. Five have been released and ordered to appear in immigration court; the other two are being detained by authorities.......

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