Wednesday, May 24, 2006

no amount of ANYTHING would EVER make me think

guns should be allowed to be owned by the public.

Woman Injured By Shot Police Believe Round Not Aimed At Her
By CHRISTINE DEMPSEY Courant Staff Writer May 23 2006
TOLLAND -- Pam Gale was sitting in the car with her husband after attending a wedding when she heard what sounded like an explosion.A bullet shattered her passenger-side window, which was inches from her head, and lodged in the car's ceiling above the back seat.Flying glass cut the right side of Gale's face, her jaw and the right side of her neck, the Newington woman said Monday night. An inch-long gash to the back of her head, which may have been caused by the bullet grazing her, took two stitches to close, she said.Still, Pam Gale, 47, and her husband, Andrew Gale, 45, were safe."It was definitely my lucky day," she said.Trooper John O'Connor, who is investigating the Saturday shooting, put it differently."She's beyond lucky," he said.O'Connor said the shooting appears to be unintentional.........

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