Wednesday, April 05, 2006


i have never heard of prai beauty or cathy kangas. i looked up her products just now and i don't care that they are expensive. i attempted to find out if they tested on animals or not, and i sure can't even find ingredients listings. i DO care about that

however, this woman did something unbelievable, something wonderful. she offered canada 16,000,000 to STOP the seal hunt.

i am of the belief that animals are NOT necessarily lower forms of life than humans by the way. they are just a different FORM of life. yet i also wonder what sorts of food, or education or medicine or shelters 16,000,000 can buy for (if not the children of this nation) canadian children.... tough dilemma here

Connecticut Businesswoman Makes $16 Million Offer to Canadian Prime Minister to End Slaughter of Canadian Baby Seals

NEW CANAAN, Conn., April 4 /CNW/ -- In a just-released letter toCanadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Cathy Kangas, CEO and Founder of PRAIBeauty, a global beauty company, has offered to raise the $16 million thatCanadian fishermen will realize from the sale of the pelts of slaughtered babyseals. Ms. Kangas wrote: "If you stop this year's hunt immediately, we willprovide you with the $16 million to be distributed at your discretion." TheCanadian government has stated repeatedly that the seal hunt provides neededoff-season income to the fishermen in the communities of the Gulf of St.Lawrence and Newfoundland. Ms. Kangas also proposed working with the Canadian government to institutea program to buy back existing fishing licenses and launch a program ofeco-tourism in Northeastern Canada to replace the seal hunt. "Canadianfishermen could earn more money serving as park rangers for high end tours toCanada to see the beautiful spectacle of seals giving birth on the ice floes,"she noted. She said that whale-watching tours in Canada have been verysuccessful attracting visitors. "We are providing you with an alternative to what Paul McCartney called 'astain on the character of the Canadian people.' If this is really simply aneconomic problem, then take our offer," Mrs. Kangas stated in her letter. Themoney, she pointed out, will be raised from private citizens and animalprotection groups worldwide which oppose the seal hunt including The Humane Society of the United States, which has more than nine million members............

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