Saturday, April 08, 2006

joey joey joey - your silence speaks VOLUMES

the liebs has nothing to say about this? mmmmmmm VERY telling

Perplexing No-Show By Joe

Lieberman Reacts With Silence After Report Ties Leaks To Bush

Courant Staff Writer

April 8 2006

News of President Bush authorizing leaks of intelligence reports to discredit critics of the Iraq war broke before noon Thursday. Democrats quickly lined up to demand a public accounting.

Conspicuous in his silence was Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, D-Conn., the politician analysts say could have benefited most by speaking out.

Analysts and operatives in both parties said Friday they were puzzled that Lieberman, whose perceived coziness with the Republican president is fueling a primary challenge by Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont, found nothing to say about Bush for 28 hours.

"Say anything. Even something mildly critical would have no doubt helped in his primary," said Larry Sabato, a University of Virginia political scientist. ...........

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