Tuesday, April 04, 2006

isn't king george against procedures like this?

this is SO cool! i am very happy for ms msnamara. a good sign of things to come (i hope. that is as long as king george doesn't get his way)

Living Breakthrough Doctors Regrow Part Of Middletown Girl's Bladder, Fuel Hope For Organ Regeneration
April 4, 2006 By COLIN POITRAS, Courant Staff Writer

A 16-year-old Middletown girl is one of only seven people in the country who have successfully re-grown significant portions of their damaged bladders, in what doctors are saying is a major breakthrough in organ regeneration that could someday help heart patients and others. Although Kaitlyne McNamara completed her surgery five years ago, a research team at the Children's Hospital in Boston wanted to make sure the procedure worked before announcing its accomplishments Monday in an online edition of The Lancet, a leading British medical journal.
The cheery high school junior was enjoying her newfound celebrity status Monday, speaking to relatives about her upcoming appearances on ABC and CNN and fielding media phone calls with Hollywood star aplomb."I am one of the first successful ones in the United States," an excited McNamara explained to a reporter in a brief phone interview after coming home from school. She is a junior at Middletown High School. ..........

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