Tuesday, April 04, 2006

i had NO idea glenn tilbrook was going to be in new haven tonight~

i'm pissed. there is NO WAY i can attend a 9:00 show in new haven. had i known i would have PLANNED for it. DAMN DAMN DAMN

Tilbrook A Legend Living In Obscurity

April 4, 2006 By ERIC R. DANTON, Courant Rock Critic

There's a good chance you can hum one or two of Glenn Tilbrook's songs without a second thought.There's an equally good chance you could pass him on the street without giving him a second glance.
Tilbrook, a singer and songwriter who was the primary voice of the influential English rock band Squeeze, occupies a rare niche in popular music - that of the obscure rock legend. The notion of credibility without accompanying fame is familiar to theater and cinema, where character actors abound. It's much less common in pop music, where someone who performs a well-known song - say, the Squeeze hits "Tempted" or "Black Coffee in Bed" - often has a well-known face. Think Bono, or Bowie.Although Tilbrook says people occasionally recognize him, he's usually able to live unmolested by the star-hungry public."It happens sometimes, but not really to the point where it's a burden to my life," he says by phone from New York City, on a solo tour that stops tonight in New Haven............

Glenn Tilbrook performs tonight at Café Nine, 250 State St., New Haven. Jim Bianco opens. Tickets are $20 for the 9 p.m. show. Information: 203-789-8281.

glenn tilbrook

my favorite squeeze song: annie get your gun
She goes for her medical
She’s passed,
it’s a miracle
She’s up over the moon
She whistles nonsense tunes
She wants drinks for everyone
She’s found a chord that she can strum
Emotions leaking out
Her paint’s all over town
What’s that she’s playing?
(annie get your gun)
What’s that she’s taking?
(the song has to be sung)
She’s gone electric
(annie wipe them out)
That’s unexpected
(strum that thing and shout)
Don’t pull that trigger
(annie get your gun)
Don’t shoot that singer
(you’re shooting number one)
He’s not into miracles
Sees life all too cynical
The cat has got his tongue
Now she bangs on his drum
He says pull the other one
Bells ring, look what you have done
Emotions leaking out
Her paint’s all over town


Lily said...

Hey! I haven't thought about him in years! You're always doing that, Rose!

Hope all is well and warm out your way.

a rose is a rose said...

i listen to squeeze at least twice a week. if not at home, the pub has squeeze singles on the juke (which by the way is FREE to play and when i go in, i have control of it)

Elizabeth (Lily) Branford said...

Free jukeboxery!!! Cool.

a rose is a rose said...

yes it is cool. cool cd's in it. PLUS i bring my own cd s in an they play them for me. the joint has an amazing sound system and i'm in heaven.