Tuesday, April 25, 2006

why would ANYONE in their right mind (operative words there)

try to defeat or stop a bill proposing to help keep ILLEGAL guns off of the streets? please notice ALL those opposing this bill were REPUBS. coincidence?

why would the NRA send a lobby here to try to stop the bill?

please also note, the bill HAD the support of (some at least) police chiefs including that of my town, chief strillacci (shout out to him!!!)

Lost and Stolen Gun Law Passes the Senate

by Christine Stuart 09:50:21 pm, Categories: State Capitol, 450 words
A bill that law enforcement officials say will help keep illegal guns off Connecticut's streets received bipartisan support late Friday evening from the Senate.
Sen. Andrew McDonald, D-Stamford, said the bill makes it illegal for gun owners not to report their guns lost or stolen within 72-hours. Any person who fails to report their gun lost or stolen will face a $500 fine, except if they intentionally failed to make the report within 72-hours it becomes a class A misdemeanor, the amendment to the bill says.
McDonald and other senators saw the House bill 5818 that included this language was stalled in the House so they attached it to Senate bill 105 that prohibits the sale and delivery of “electronic defense weapons,” such as Tasers. .........


NRA Dispatches The Troops

by Paul Bass April 24, 2006 09:59 AM
The National Rifle Association has sent its lobbying militia to the state Capitol to try to stop the House of Representatives this week from passing a bipartisan bill to help keep illegal guns off Connecticut's streets. The State Senate passed the bill. Click here to read Christine Stuart's report.........

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