Monday, April 24, 2006

i've traveled route 4 in farmington many a time

and it IS nasty congested. why they decided to allow an entrance/exit ramp to i-84 in farmington when they were NOT going to allow for widening of route 4 is beyond me. it's a mess to get through there. i understand it's an historic district. you should have PUT THE EXIT/ENTRANCE RAMP ELSEWHERE then you bunch o' mokes. DAMN it's just stupid

Route 4: Going Nowhere Fast In Farmington, Traffic Congestion Clogs A Key Commuting Artery
Courant Staff WriterApril 24 2006
About sunrise every weekday, eastbound Route 4 becomes glutted with commuter traffic that lasts until mid-morning. Each evening, the slow procession reverses, snarling westbound Route 4 for several hours.The thousands of vehicles using Route 4 come from Farmington, Burlington, Barkhamsted, Canton, New Hartford and other western points. Traffic is so thick that the Capitol Region Council of Governments lists the 4.2-mile stretch between Route 177 and Route 10 as the most congested arterial road in metropolitan Hartford.According to John Carey, the state's top traffic engineer, as many vehicles traverse the two-lane intersection of Routes 4 and 10 in morning and evening as cross the four-lane intersection of Route 44 and Route 10 in Avon, the scene of a deadly multi-vehicle crash last July.When traffic is light, the Route 4 drive is maybe eight minutes, even with stops for some red lights. During peak times, the journey can take a half-hour.The state transportation department is preparing to spend $10.6 million on a series of improvements along a ¾-mile stretch of Route 4. One includes widening the bridge over the Farmington River to accommodate two continuous traffic lanes from Town Farm Road eastbound to the Route 10 intersection. Work is to begin in 2008, with completion set for 2010.Most of the commuting vehicles on Route 4 have only a driver, each with his or her own ritual for managing the trek - listening to the radio, shaving, putting on makeup, sipping coffee, among other things..........

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