Wednesday, April 26, 2006

this is for you erin

(she's a big mets fan). i thought this column was very funny (and right on)

The Real Story About `Macho Doofus'
April 26, 2006 By JIM SHEA, Courant Staff Writer

April 26 2006
Is New York Mets baseball announcer Keith Hernandez a clueless male chauvinist or just a guy who got caught up in his own yada-yada-yada?Opinions are varied in the wake of comments Hernandez made during a game Saturday after noticing team massage therapist Kelly Calabrese in the San Diego Padres dugout."I won't say women belong in the kitchen," Hernandez said, "but they don't belong in the dugout." A short while later, he added, "I stand by those comments. I think this is a man's game, and I feel very strongly about it.""Keith Hernandez is nothing but a macho doofus," said Elaine Benes, a New York City-based catalog copywriter who dated the former MVP several years ago on "Seinfeld.""You know, I always told people the reason I stopped dating him was because he was a smoker," Benes said. "But the real reason was because his bat needed corking, if you catch my drift."..............

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