Wednesday, April 26, 2006

i was digging around in the courant (online of course)

and found this column by colin mcenroe. i do read his blog but rarely read the columns (of anyone) in the courant. i especially liked this one because one of the things it has to with is one of MY favorite places (in addition to mr mcenroe's mother's favorite place) elizabeth park. i grew up near it. my popi still lives near it. i learned to ice skate there (thank you queeno family). i remember the pond house when it WAS a pond house and NOT a restaurant. i remember summers bringing my dogs and my guitar and sitting down and singing and playing with the animals and my friends. i remember the wild onions in a patch of the park not many ever went to (or know about). i remember the path to the park from fern street that i think of as a secret entrance. after my sister's VERY small wedding we took pictures in the park as so many do. that was YEARS and YEARS ago and you know, i don't think i've been actually IN the park since. i LOVE that park.

anyway, here is mr mcenroe's lovely column. i sure do like what he has to say about his mom, his son AND the people in the park
Sunday In The Park With Jorge

(pictures from the elizabeth park website)

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