Wednesday, February 01, 2006

this would be funny if it wasn't real

and if he didn't kill people and if he didn't sexually molest at least ONE twelve year old (what the F**K was he doing out of prison or out of the hospital????? i just don't get it). and now this 49 year old marries an 87 year old woman?

Killer sent back to prison for violating probation Killer gets married, sent back to prison
BRIDGEPORT — Frank Czumalowski, 49, is a former homicidal maniac who bludgeoned his grandmother and great-aunt to death and buried them under their rose garden in Milford, according to police. But that apparently doesn't preclude him from finding love.
Czumalowski was married Tuesday to an 87-year-old Easton woman. But Superior Court Judge Richard Comerford put a crimp in the honeymoon when he sentenced Czumalowski to two and a half years in prison for violating his probation in connection with his conviction for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old Fairfield girl.
The bride, the former Radmila Dobrijevick, pledged she would wait for Czumalowski, as he was taken away in handcuffs. "Who are we to judge," Czumalowski's lawyer, Rob Serafinowicz said later. "Throughout history there have been odd couples and things worked out well. In this case, all we can do is wish them the best and hopefully, with good behavior, Frank will be out in a year."
The nuptials were performed in Bridgeport by John Tedesco. The couple then went straight to court where Czumalowski pleaded guilty under the Alford Doctrine to violating his probation.
Comerford denied a request from the new bride for a week's continuance and sentenced Czumalowski to seven years, suspended after two and a half and followed by 32 months probation.
"At the risk of cutting short the honeymoon," Senior Assistant State's Attorney urged the judge to order Czumalowski to undergo sex-offender treatment.
In December 1977, Czumalowski, then 19, was found not guilty by reason of insanity of the murders of his grandmother and great-aunt..............

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