Sunday, January 29, 2006

mr shays please open your eyes.

bushwhacked 'abstinance only' plan DOESN'T WORK. it NEVER has and it NEVER WILL. people are dying. not just in africa but HERE too. education first mr shays.

Shays trip raises question on family planning
Shays stunned by trip Journey to Africa raises questions

PETER URBAN Connecticut Post
WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays, R-4, traveled to Africa this month to learn firsthand the effect of President Bush's ban on federal funding for overseas family-planning services. He got a stark answer in Uganda.
Sitting in a circle outside a crowded waiting room at the Naguru Teen Center, Shays casually asked the Ugandan youths how many of them had lost a parent to HIV/AIDS. The hands of seven out of 11 shot up.
"A parent, not just a family member. It just so dramatically demonstrates how pressing the needs are there," said Susan Yolen, director of Connecticut Planned Parenthood, who hosted the trip with Planned Parenthood Global Partners.
Tanzania and Uganda receive significant contributions under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, which places a premium on abstinence-only advocacy.
Shays met with numerous youth groups, including clients of the UMATI Youth Centre in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Family Planning Association of Uganda-trained peer educators at Kyambogo University in Kampala, Uganda. Almost everyone he spoke with said that abstinence only until marriage — the hallmark of the Bush administration's approach to HIV/AIDS prevention — is a waste of time and money.
More than anything, people need access to condoms, according to an article posted on the Planned Parenthood Web site by Shirine Mohagheghpour, assistant director of Planned Parenthood Global Partners. Condoms, the most effective defense available to sexually active individuals and couples who want to protect themselves from HIV, are reserved for those who are at "high risk."............


Rory Shock said...

You are so right. It is almost impossible to satirize this administration's position on this (and many things) as it is so frickin' wrong ... please see my blog on that subject ... great pix and feel to your blog ... will read more

a rose is a rose said...

thanks ben! i gave your blog a very brief look (after all it IS 1:22 am for me). i shall look more thoroughly this afternoon. i also thank you for your kind words. i do so appreciate it