Sunday, January 29, 2006

on paper the gop election results may look bleak in the future

i hope they ARE bleak in the future. our protests should go beyond party lines (but they don't). why support an administration who grows fat from war (i.e. halliburton), who LIED about getting us into war, who spys on it's own citizens WITHOUT a legal warrant, who wants to take away some of our rights as citizens and / or as women, who doesn't give a flying f**k about our environment (and on and on and on)?

GOP Facing Battles In Blues Northeast States Balk At Iraq, Social Stances
By DAVID LIGHTMAN Washington Bureau Chief January 29 2006 WASHINGTON --
On paper, Republican election prospects in the Northeast this fall look bleak.President Bush's popularity has sagged throughout the region. Issues that motivate social conservatives are "deadly" up north, as Rep. Christopher Shays, R-4th District, puts it. And any candidate who voices strong support for the war in Iraq is almost instantly an underdog."Republicans have to defend the status quo and the president," said political analyst Stuart Rothenberg, and as they do, "Democrats will try to remind voters it's the Republicans who are impeding progress on a lot of issues."The GOP, however, sees opportunity from Pennsylvania to Maine as it rarely has in recent years."Republicans will be healthier," said veteran Massachusetts GOP political activist Ron Kaufman. "We have four Republican governors and a good shot in winning another in Maine. We could pick up a congressional seat in Vermont."Clearly, two Republican senators, Pennsylvania's Rick Santorum and Rhode Island's Lincoln Chafee, face difficult re-election fights. At least four incumbent Republican House members - Connecticut's Shays, Rob Simmons and Nancy L. Johnson, as well as Pennsylvania's Jim Gerlach - could be in for rough races.........

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