Thursday, February 02, 2006

thank you for speaking up for US attorney general blumenthal

i for one appreciate it! (and a shout out to mr larson as well)

Blumenthal asks Congress to rein in gas, energy costs
By SARA HATCH , Boston University News Service
WASHINGTON -- Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal asked Congress Wednesday for federal legislation to rein in the rising cost of gasoline, blaming much of the problem on the energy industry. "If I have one message for you today it is, ‘We need help ... We need help and we’re not getting it," Blumenthal told the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Blumenthal outlined a six-step plan to ameliorate the problems that are affecting many states, including Connecticut. He called for a one-year moratorium on oil-industry mergers; a joint federal-state investigation of the industry; more examination of mergers in highly concentrated markets; a ban on zone pricing, the selling of gasoline at prices that vary by location; expansion of refinery capacity and enacting of minimum inventory levels; and more work toward conservation and lessening dependence on oil...................

.....Rep. John Larson, D-1, Conn., who has been active in energy legislation, said in a statement that "consolidation has been a boon to the oil industry and a hardship on the American family. Such a basic necessity to our economy as fuel should not be concentrated in so few hands without some oversight replacing the controls of market competition. ..........


Lily said...

Figured I'd mosey over since I see we both have the same taste in blogreading! (Neil and Tubthumper)

Are you saying that the record profits and price gouging are unjust? It's freakin capitalism, the American way, the path of our exploitive destiny... who are we to speak? We are but citizens. Citizens have no role in the workings of the dictatorship.

a rose is a rose said...

yes i'm in love with neil and tubthumper but i'm also in love with rory and vanx. please don't tell ANY of them though. it shall be OUR little secret!

i'll check your blog out too later in the day (or tomorrow). you sound like my kind o' folk