Wednesday, February 15, 2006

oh my goddess, what a wonderful column on snow

as a young grrrl, i remember watching a movie (i think in black and white) about snow. it took place in a boy's bedroom i believe. i cannot find it on the imdb but i know i'm not making it up. it was surreal and it may not have had much if any dialog.

by susan campbell in today's hartford courant

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Sunday Takes The Adult Out Of The Girl
Susan Campbell
February 15 2006

Just for the record, no one really uses the word "nor'easter." No one talks that way, save for weather people and whalers wandering in from the sea. And even then, maybe it's only television whalers who talk that way.But I like the sound of it. I like that my family farther south calls to check on me during a nor'easter. They watch the Weather Channel and get whipped into a frenzy. Visions of wooly mammoths will keep them up nights if they don't call to be reassured that, yes, it's snowing, but no, it's not fatal.Can I let you in on a secret? Nor'easter or no, I love snow days. I love snow days even when they fall on weekends and there's nothing to interrupt and nothing to reschedule.Snow softens things. It turns hard rocks into round lumps of icing. It erases roads and blurs boundaries. I can walk down the middle of my street during a snowstorm, and who's going to stop me? The plows are infrequent, and most of my neighbors have the good sense to stay inside.Not me. I have lived in New England for two decades, and the snow - so infrequent where I grew up - still enthralls me. Back home, we must have photographed every winter storm that came through. Our albums are dotted with faded-out Polaroids of wiggling children bundled to their eyes, standing knee-deep in the white stuff. I am one of those children. I know that beneath the scarves, those children's grins are delirious. In our rare snowstorms, we would blast out of the house into a world made new and run from marker to marker to see how the snow had changed things, how it clung to Mrs. Green's chain-link fence, how it drifted over the broken picnic table out back. The snow showed us that even the most familiar things could be altered into something else entirely.......


vanx said...

Nice. I love how snow changes the world and creates its own. I left for Florida a day or so after 20-plus inches, and it was gone when I came back. Very strange.

a rose is a rose said...

it's almost all gone here as well BUT it got cold. SO cold. why, it's almost FEBRUARY WEATHER!