Sunday, February 12, 2006

joe MUST go

from sheila sample's blog via oped news

UPDATE ON A CONNECTICUT DONKEY by Sheila. Submitted on 2006-02-12 00:14:41

Robert Novak is reporting today that Republicans are raising funds for Democratic (sic) Senator Joe Lieberman's re-election in Connecticut.Craig Fuller and H.P. Goldfield, both active Republican lobbyists hosted a fund-raising dinner at Goldfield's home on Thursday. Fuller was a cabinet member in both Reagan and Bush 41 presidencies. Goldfield, a Reagan aide and assistant Commerce secretary, also raised funds for the elder Bush in both his campaigns.Although Lieberman has come out strong for lobbyist reform, Novak says three of the dinner's five hosts were major lobbyists. 'Fuller represents the National Association of Chain Drug Stores. Goldfield lobbies for Airbus and for energy companies (ConcocoPhillips, Dynegy International and Gulfsands Petroleum). Co-host C. Michael Gilliland, a partner in the Hogan & Hartson law firm, represents a variety of clients.' Novak said.On Friday, Lieberman pulled one of vice president Dick Cheney's favorite tricks -- he called in to the rabidly right-wing Sean Hannity radio show to make points with the 'Great Americans' and to answer Hannity's question --'Does Joe Lieberman want me to endorse him?'............

...............The question is not why Lieberman accepted campaign money from his political enemies -- not why he accepted a Hannity endorsement. The question is what is this Democrat, a former vice-presidential nominee, doing at a Republican fund-raiser -- making calls to a Republican operative -- in the first damn place.It's time for Joe to go. .............


Lily said...

Joe has been a liability for a while, poor choice for Gore, sell out, and a little too fuzzy for my taste. Yes, he must go!

We really need to push people to take a stand against perpetual warmongering.

Nice to meet up with you, have seen you at Neil's (a daily haunt) and its always nice to connect with women with good opinions. AKA who share my opinions!!!:)

Now I was here before but I am terrible at remembering where I've been. NO offense intended.

a rose is a rose said...

thanks lily! i stop by your place as well. i do like neil as well as rory and verb-ops and thumping the tub and on and on and on. there are SO MANY wonderful reads out there these days.