Friday, February 17, 2006

i myself have and wear this (the kiss) button

i appropriated it at the meet ned lamont get together i went to a few weeks back

Lieberman, Bush `Smooch' Conveys Connecticut Democrats' Unrest
Feb. 16 (Bloomberg) -- It was just a kiss on the cheek. Now Joe Lieberman's ``smooch'' from President George W. Bush may become a symbol of the first Democratic effort to unseat the party's three-term senator.
A campaign button depicting the embrace, which took place after last year's State of the Union address, is circulating among a group of Democrats attempting to organize a primary challenge to the 63-year-old Lieberman. Their complaint: he is too close to Bush, especially on the Iraq war.
``That kiss was like jumping in the president's pocket,'' said Ted Cummings, who has been chairman of the Manchester Democratic Town Committee since 1961. ``Some things you just don't do, brother. You draw back when the president wants to give you a big smooch.''
Cummings is one of several local Democratic power brokers being wooed by Ned Lamont, a 52-year-old Greenwich businessman and war critic who says he is ``90 percent'' sure he will enter the August primary. While Lamont would be a long shot, a Lieberman challenge may expose deepening party divisions over the war and attract support from national Democratic groups uneasy about Lieberman. .......

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