Monday, February 13, 2006

ctblogger (at connecticutBLOG) sets the record straight

and has the pictures (and soon the video) to prove it! read the full story at his blog (link above)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ridgefield Press failed to tell the true story of the peace rally

Oh, this is rich and a perfect example of a misleading article.The Ridgefield Press came out today with a misleading story on the anti-war rally yesterday and lets just say they made the counter-protestors seem downright polite (which couldn't be further away from the truth).Now for those not familiar with the area, Ridgefield is a rather conservative town (to say the least) so I wan't very surprised that the people at the Ridgefield Press wrote this article with a pro-war slant. Since I had the feeling that this event was going to be reported in this fashion, I made it a point to show up to the rally with my videotape and camera so I could give you a first hand account of what really happened............


ctblogger said...

Oh, I'm just getting started with my critique of the Ridgefield Press story. Wait till you read my next post.

a rose is a rose said...

whf? how COULD they do this? well not they, the reporter? i don't know you but guess what, I BELIEVE you you you you you. NOT just because you have the evidence, but because YOU saw AND reported the truth and IT shined through