Wednesday, January 25, 2006

what is the date today?

i believe it is JANUARY 25th.

as i was driving home from work today, MINDING MY OWN BID-NEZ as i am KNOWN to do, a GIANT yellowjacket flew in front of my face. of course i immediately freaked out and stopped my car almost causing one hell of an incredible accident. eventually i got him out (without ONE horn blowing mind you and without killing it. thank you EVERYONE who was in back of me) but i am still reeling from the experience.

i am in no way a grrrly grrrl. i can get down with the best of them. i am not afraid of snakes or rats (rodents in general) but bugs...........of ANY kind put me over the edge. i am absolutely phobic. even ants. yes ants. any bug EXCEPT lady bugs (my friend erin calls me lady bug - different reason though).

please light a candle for me so i don't have to see another bug in my car this winter

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