Wednesday, January 25, 2006

my spindle came!

i ordered a beautiful spindle made by cascade spindle company. it's the mount shuksan model. as you can see i also got their niddy-nosty.

along with that, i got some hand painted silk roving (beautiful, no???). i just LOVE the colors.

the company i ordered it from (on the net) coincidentally is a CONNECTICUT company - it's
the wheel thing. REALLY nice woman i exchanged emails with. a very good assortment of items on their website. easy to order from and easy to deal with! that counts for a lot in my book.

of course i've never used a drop spindle (or spinning wheel for that matter) nor have i ever spun anything other than a tall tale! i'll make my first attempt this weekend. at any rate, i am VERY HAPPY with my purchase!


Ailyn said...

do u happen to live in Middletown? my roomie goes to a Spinning class there every Tuesday night

a rose is a rose said...

darn NO, west hartford. i am certain i will NEED a spinning class. i've not attempted it yet, but i will this weekend. knowing myself, i am going to foul it up and get VERY angry