Friday, January 27, 2006

avon, thursday january 26th 5:00 pm

i went to avon yesterday afternoon to see my friend beth whom i LOVE (thanks for the raven beth-y, i ADORE it. my love to my boyfriend, your husband as well! cass, show this posting to your moms otherwise she'll NEVER see it). i miss working with her SO much and i miss BEING in avon too (i worked MANY years there). even though avon doesn't look like it did when i first started, it's still a cool little town.

as i was driving over avon mountain at about 2:00 pm, i DID notice a difference in how people were driving. they were obeying the speed limit of 40 for the most part and they were all (with the exception of ONE commercial van) in the right hand lane. how refreshing to see people NOT driving like asswipes. unfortunately, it was a way different story on my way home.

anyway, these pictures are from the parking lot of the
double down grill my old stomping grounds! it was nice to see tom again too and e t (if asked, he always says it stands for extra testicle) and yes, even kurt with a k


cass said...

I miss Kurt with a K sooo much! How is my boyfriend doing?

a rose is a rose said...

cass, ALL i have to say to this is, 'how much does a hen weigh?"

Anonymous said...

Beauty abounds in your world....many blessings to you, dear lady!

a rose is a rose said...

thank you kind sir!