Wednesday, January 25, 2006

oh my goddess, you HAVE to be kidding me

i remember initially reading about this incident. if it's true (and it appears it IS true since they have the 911 recording) this woman should be........well YOU fill in the blank. in the stories i read the police and fire fighters were far more credible. (however, i HAVE been wrong before). i am very interested to see how this case goes. if it is decided the woman DID want to go home to get the spare keys to her car instead of agreeing to let the fire and police officials break her windows, then she should have her AUDI IMPOUNDED FOR LIFE (not even mentioning what i think should happen to her as a 'mother'). i hope i'm wrong......
Arrested mom targets police and fire officials
January 24, 2006
STAMFORD, Conn. --A woman who was arrested after her toddler son was accidentally locked in her car on a hot summer day has notified the city she intends to sue police and fire officials, claiming she was defamed.
Guita Sazan Silverstein, 43, was arrested after she allegedly refused to let rescuers break the window to free him. She was charged with reckless endangerment and risk of injury to a minor.
Her attorney, Matthew Maddox said Silverstein should not have been arrested after the July 25 incident. Maddox said police and fire officials should take the blame for any delay or difficulties extracting the boy.
Thomas Cassone, director of legal affairs, said he will investigate.
"It's a serious charge when you're charging the people who respond to save your child who you've locked in the car, that they've basically lied about her," he said.
Police and fire officials have said Silverstein did not want firefighters to break the window of her 1999 Audi to extract her son, telling them she would drive to her home to get a spare key.......

....Police recordings of the call indicate Silverstein said that if the dispatcher sent police to watch her child, she could go home and get another key.
The dispatcher told Silverstein that firefighters would break into the car, but Silverstein said she didn't want her window smashed.
"Would you rather your child died?" the dispatcher asked.
Firefighters broke the window and the 23-month-old boy was taken to Stamford Hospital, where he was treated and released..................

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