Thursday, August 05, 2010

i wanted to post this

it names the people killed. it tells us how some people tried to stop a crazed killer (and there are NO other words to describe him. he WAS A KILLER.)

there is no excuse nothing to justify what he did. there's also an article in the courant today from the MURDERER'S girlfriend. i'm not linking to it. it has me reeling.

IF  the MURDERER was being harassed (it's indeed possible although i'm not sure i'm totally buying it) and his supervisors weren't doing anything about it there were other avenues. how about his union rep (whom he ended up murdering)? the union has no record of complaints. how about the naacp? how about the aclu? how about ANY organization that could have investigated? if a noose was drawn on the bathroom door the police should have been called. HE could have called them. but no. he MURDERED excuse. none

to the families and friends of those dead and wounded, to the citizens of manchester and south windsor, to ALL of the citizens of connecticut, i am so very sorry for our loss. and it IS a loss. no one won


Workers Tried To Stop Omar Thornton

Five employees of Hartford Distributors Inc. tried to warn their fellow workers or physically stop Omar Thornton during his shooting spree, including a 77-year-old man who tried to run him over with a golf cart.

But Thornton shot them and others, leaving eight dead, and one man — Jerome Rosenstein, the man in the golf cart — fighting for his life.

Interviews with law enforcement sources and employees inside the building when the shooting spree began paint a picture of a man who went from calmly signing his name to a one-line resignation letter to a mass murderer who literally ran down some of his victims as they frantically tried to escape.
"He was eerily cool,'' Manchester Police Lt. Christopher Davis said Wednesday.

Teamsters Local 1035 President Bryan Cirigliano tried to stop Thornton as he opened fire on Steven Hollander, the company's chief financial officer, and Louis Felder, the director of operations, following the meeting at which Thornton resigned. But Thornton turned and shot Cirigliano in the head, killing him instantly. Felder and Cirigliano were Thornton's first victims.

Thornton chased two men — Victor James and Edwin Kennison — out of the warehouse, shooting them as they ran down the driveway. Kennison died immediately...........

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