Thursday, August 05, 2010

guess what WORLD?

it's NOT against the law to breast feed in public (at least in connecticut it's NOT)

what the fuck is wrong with all of you anyway? so you MAY see a little bit of breast if you happen to be looking. SO WHAT. tell me. what's the big deal?

it's NOT a sexual activity. if YOU think it is, that's YOUR perversion. NOT mine or that of the breast feeding mother and her child.

i just don't get americans sometimes

East Hampton Mother Said She Was Barred From Breast-Feeding In Town Park

A day at the beach for a nursing mother and four children last Tuesday turned into a confrontation with the town's parks department, followed by one with the police department this week, the woman and her husband said Monday.

Officials for both departments said Monday that the incident, at Sears Park on Lake Pocotopaug, is being investigated.

Last Tuesday, Kendra Dickinson took the four children she was caring for — her daughters, Riley, 4, and Ella, 2, and their two friends — to the lake after a morning of picking fruit at an orchard, she said.....................

pic: Paperwork is strewn on a couch as Kendra Dickinson breast feeds her daughter Ella Briggs, 2 in her East Hampton, Conn. home on August 2, 2010. The paperwork details notes of Dickinson's rights as a breastfeeding mother in Connecticut, as well as a drawing completed by Dickinson's daughter Riley of her mother on the day they were asked to leave the beach. The family also includes daughter Riley Briggs, 5, and husband Chris Briggs (not pictured). Dickinson was asked to leave a public beach after the local manager felt that breastfeeding her daughter was "inappropriate". (August 3, 2010)

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