Wednesday, August 04, 2010

as you all know we had a tragedy occur in connecticut yesterday morning

i am stunned. stunned.  i know many of the drivers for the area's beer and liquor distributors. my father worked for a beer distributor (not hartford) and my brother in law currently works for a liquor distributor (not hartford). 

we cannot feel safe at work? gun violence MUST end. i don't want to preach but we MUST get guns off of the streets and we must do it NOW.

there is not much more i can say. i will keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers.
here are links to a few connecticut news sources

9 Dead In Manchester, Conn. Workplace Shooting

Omar Thornton almost slept through his 6 a.m. wakeup call Tuesday, springing to life only after the teenage brother of his girlfriend nudged him awake.

The 34-year-old kissed his girlfriend Kristi Hannah goodbye, told her he loved her, and then left her East Windsor apartment for work at Hartford Distributors Inc. in Manchester, where he was to meet about 7 a.m. with company and union officials about allegations that he had stolen beer from the beverage wholesaler.

Within hours, he was lying dead on an office floor, having taken his own life as police closed in after a rampage that left eight co-workers dead and made him the biggest mass murderer in state history...................

Profiles Of Confirmed Victims: Manchester Workplace Shooting

9 Dead in Beer Distributor Shooting

Mayhem At Manchester Warehouse Leaves 9 Dead

Union Officials Say Disgruntled Employee Opened Fire



pic: Shooting In Manchester
This is the scene on Tuesday morning Aug. 3, 2010 of the multiple shootings and fatalities at Hartford Distributors in Manchester, Conn. The shootings took place early this morning and fatalities have been confirmed by authorities. Investigators, firefighters and EMS are still on the scene.

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