Thursday, July 22, 2010


this is some VERY good news on the EQUALITY front. no, not each and every woman dreams of being a cheerleader. some want to PLAY ACTUAL SPORTS. yeah, just like men do AND CAN 

Judge Says Quinnipiac Discriminated Against Female Student Athletes

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that Quinnipiac University has discriminated against female student-athletes by denying them the same opportunities to participate in sports programs as men and ordered the school, within 60 days, to develop a plan to correct the situation.

U.S. District Judge Stefan R. Underhill said Quinnipiac violated a 1973 federal equal opportunity law, known commonly as Title IX, that prohibits gender discrimination in educational programs. The law has frequently been used to balance unequal spending on high school and college sports programs............

.....The school said at the time that it would maintain opportunities for female athletes and keep the school compliant with Title IX by establishing competitive cheerleading as a new varsity sport......

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