Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i didn't realize this was happening or else i would have attended as well

 i cannot tell you why a jury awarded 2.9 million to a person who hurt themselves in the res (i am sorry for her injuries. truly i am. i cannot say i know all of the facts of the case so i'm not going to say anything other than i think that jury or judge or whatever/whoever made the decision MADE ONE HELL OF  A SERIOUS MISTAKE)

at any rate, i can certainly recognize a GIANT YELLOW METAL GATE. please do not close my reservoirs. i grew up there. i spent a great deal of time there. i saw loons there. i drove over the power trail in a jeep (and was sick for a week because of it). 

don't close our res

 Hundreds Turn Out To Fight To Keep MDC Property Open

Paul Kramer will turn 68 on Thursday, a birthday that might never have been without the Metropolitan District's Reservoir 6.

For the past 14 years, Kramer has left his Avon home in the early morning and power-walked its pristine trails, logging 20,000 miles and meeting new friends along the way. Some have diabetes, or cancer, or simply high cholesterol. Kramer, a retired college professor who survived a 1996 artery blockage, strengthens his heart.

"I'm still alive," Kramer said Tuesday evening in West Hartford Town Hall, teary-eyed after asking members of the Metropolitan District Commission not to close its vast land to the public. "I get emotional because of what I do at the reservoir. The thought of losing that is not an easy one for me to handle.".......

It was a standing room only hearing. Those waiting outside could enter the West Hartford Town Hall Auditorium only when someone inside left. Police were stationed at the doors. Four MDC commissioners listened as speaker after speaker spoke in oppisition to closeing the MDC property to recreational users as the MDC proposed. (MICHAEL McANDREWS, Hartford Courant / July 21, 2010)

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