Saturday, July 24, 2010

riddle me this batman

how can someone with 17 tickets in 4 years
1) still have a license
2) still have insurance (one needs insurance to drive in connecticut n'est pas?)  a 23 year old male with 17 tickets? what insurance company does he have? what are his rates? how can he afford them?

ok, someone answer please

Man At Center Of Neighbor Dispute Can Keep License After Sixth Driver Retraining

Police said a man at the center of a heated neighbor dispute over his driving has been allowed to keep his license after attending a June 23 driver retraining class — his sixth.

Residents of Central Avenue accused Kemar Manboard, 23, of reckless driving and speeding down the street in a loud, souped-up red Honda Civic.

In June, about 75 residents signed a petition complaining about Manboard, asking the town council to do something. ...............

A day after Central Avenue residents went to the town council to complain about a reckless driver on their street, tensions between the driver and the neighbors reached a boiling point. (JOHN KREBS / FOX CT / June 3, 2010)

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