Thursday, April 08, 2010

this is pretty cool

i didn't know it existed. i just checked it out. i'm going to use that site often i'm sure

Farmers, Consumers Take Advantage of Online Farmers Market

Special to The Courant

Just in time for the start of growing season, farmers and consumers on the hunt for fresh, local fruits, vegetables, eggs and other farm products have found each other on a new online match-making service. The Shared Harvest Connecticut website, launched in March, is a fast-growing virtual farmers market that is helping to build a bridge between farmers and consumers.

Shared Harvest Connecticut, found at, is an offshoot of the Edibles Advocate Alliance, which offers small business consulting and support for grassroots, agricultural and socially innovative organizations.

"Our primary goal is to create and support sustainable food systems," says Emily Brooks, founder and CEO of the alliance. "We have to work with the consumer and provide education and opportunities to buy local food and support local agriculture. We also have to work with producers and farmers to get them set up to be the best business they can be.".............

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