Tuesday, April 06, 2010

i sure do hope they find whoever placed this ad

it was a VERY dangerous. this isn't funny. it's NOT a joke. i know the west hartford police will do their absolute best to find out who is responsible. at that point i want them prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law.

Man Answers Fake Craigslist Ad, Goes To Wrong West Hartford House

The Hartford Courant
WEST HARTFORD - Police say that when a man answered a craigslist ad that read, "Married West Hartford soccer mom ... looking for group sex," he not only answered a fake ad, but went to the wrong house.

The chain of events that followed led to the arrest Monday of Richard Zeh, 29, of Newington, on several charges, including second-degree burglary, fourth-degree sexual assault, first-degree criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. His bail was set at $250,000, and he remained in custody after his arrest. And police were trying to determine who placed the ad.

Police Lt. Stephen Estes said that when Zeh let himself into the house, he was confronted by an 18-year-old woman. When Zeh told the woman he was responding to the ad, Estes said, the woman said she had no idea what he was talking about and repeatedly told him to leave. Zeh wouldn't take no for an answer, Estes said.

"He's insistent — he thinks she's playing hard to get," Estes said. The woman grew increasingly nervous and feared she was going to be sexually assaulted, Estes said. Zeh then showed her the craigslist ad, Estes said, and she told him he was at the wrong house. Zeh left for the house listed in the ad, Estes said...........

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