Thursday, April 08, 2010

i thought i was going to bust a gut

i read the original story (you know the one where the capital police gave permission TO THE TEABAGGERS TO FLY THEIR FLAG OVER THE CAPITAL) at work. i couldn't write about it as blogger (as well as pandora, facebook, youtube, radio station websites as in WWUH and the like) is blocked at work. oh i understand and can live with all of that EXCEPT the streaming music (pandora and stations like wwuh). that was blocked just recently and i'm pissed. BUT that is NOT what i'm pissed about right now. i'm pissed about this teabagger flag shite

as it turns out they gave them UNpermission to fly their flag over the capital so it WILL NOT happen. WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

i guess someone tread on 'em (even though they claim they'll do it anyway by bringing their own flagpole. that, i don't care about. as long as that symbol of teabaggery is NOT flown officially over our capital (i believe that flag is also used by the marines. THAT is different. i would not have an issue with it being used in relation to the marines)

'Don't Tread On Me' Flag Will Not Fly Over Capitol After All

By The Hartford Courant

Tea Party activists won't be permitted to fly the Gadsden Flag over the state Capitol after all.

State Capitol police today reversed an earlier decision to allow the bright yellow "Don't Tread On Me" banner to flutter from the highly visible flagpole after learning that activists had planned a political rally following the flag-raising ceremony.

But Tea Party activists said today they plan to go ahead with the flag-raising – they plan to bring their own flagpole.

"It went from being a flag-raising ceremony to a political event,'' Acting Capitol police Chief Walter Lee said. "They are using it as a launching pad for [candidates for] public office."

Tea Party activists view the flag as a historic symbol of American defiance, but critics say the familiar flag with the image of a coiled rattlesnake is now associated with the controversial political movement........

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