Saturday, December 05, 2009

litchfield, land of the free

costly and home of the brave rich effing snobs.

now i'm not one for using ribbons. i certainly support cures for cancer and aids and rights of people and our military. i just happen to not understand how a piece of fabric is going to bring our men and women home or find a cure for cancer. HOWEVER, the ribbons in general don't offend me. if it brings someone comfort to put a ribbon on their door or a TREE, even a tree on a town (or borough) green, well then, fine.

the town of litchfield famous for saying NO NO AND HELL NO to jews is now saying NO NO AND HELL NO to town residents who wish to put (for the sixth year in a row mind you) ribbons around trees on the town green

seems like the town outright lied whoops, i mean misspoke about a botanist saying the ribbons were causing trees to be damaged.

Borough Of Litchfield Board: Get Those Yellow Ribbons Off Our Town Green Trees

ITCHFIELD — - For the past six years several military mothers here and their supporters have decorated the trees on the town green with yellow ribbons to express their support for local residents who serve in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But on Tuesday the Borough of Litchfield's governing body, the board of warden and burgesses, voted to prohibit expression that involves ribbons on trees, and that has thrown this attractive tourist mecca in Litchfield County into an uproar.

At its December meeting, the board said its ban was motivated by concerns about the health of the trees on the historic green, and the fear that other groups would demand the same right to hang ribbons. Ribbons would be banned on the green except for holiday purposes.

..............First, the board members said, Norfolk forester Starling Childs had inspected the trees on the green and concluded that the ribbons were hurting their health, encouraging the growth of fungus under the ribbons. Second, the presence of yellow ribbons on the green might encourage other groups to apply for permission to hang ribbons there.

Childs, who maintains the 6,000-acre Great Mountain Forest in Norfolk, is one of Connecticut's best-known tree experts. Reached on Friday, Childs said that he was asked by the Borough of Litchfield in October to conduct an inventory of its trees on the green as part of a plan for preserving the space. But Childs says that he was not asked to examine the question of the yellow ribbons and in fact did not even mention them in his report.

"They must be confusing me with some other botanist, because I don't remember even noticing the ribbons at all and I certainly didn't comment on them," says Childs.

pic LAURIE PARMENTIER, whose son Liam Dwyer served in Iraq as a Marine till 2007, stands with a yellow ribbon tied around a tree on the Litchfield Green. The boroughÂ’s board has voted to ban the ribbons, which have been on the trees for years. (MARK MIRKO/Hartford Courant / December 4, 2009)

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