Thursday, December 03, 2009

i'm still in a total state of disbelief and shock

oh i knew this happened (and i'm guessing is STILL happening). i am sickened by the ATTITUDES of some. molesting children is ok UNTIL someone makes a big ol' stink out of it. molesting children is ok because it's ONLY SPORADIC. molesting children is ok because we have to worry about keeping the faggots out of the church instead. yeah, that's how THIS evil monster felt i'm here to tell you (and if you need telling YOU'RE an evil monster too). i am only sorry there is no hell because if there was egan would burn in it for eternity.

i know this for a fact. i know it because it is and always will be with ME. you can't "cure" it. oh i don't believe you can at all. so catholic church while you worry about not giving communion to a kennedy (just because he happens to support a woman's right to choose) and you're worried about keeping gay priests out, you let our children be marred for life because f**king a kid isn't any big deal, but a man f**king another man is. yup, there's nothing wrong with that thought process at all

note: the courant has extensive coverage of this. timelines and pictures and transcripts too. really DO click on the article link below

pic: New York Cardinal Edward M. Egan, while serving as bishop of the Bridgeport Roman Catholic Diocese from 1988 to 2000, allowed several priests facing multiple accusations of sexual abuse to continue working for years. (SCOTT OLSON / GETTY IMAGES / June 16, 2005)

Documents Shed Light On Church's Treatment Of Allegations Against Priests

Even as a young seminary student, Raymond Pcolka's psychiatric problems caused doctors to question whether he should be a priest. Early in his studies, seminary officials sent Pcolka home for a year to "recover control of his nerves." But after returning to school, a Bridgeport psychiatrist deemed Pcolka to be suffering an "obsessive compulsive type neurosis." Another doctor diagnosed a neurotic reaction and "adjustment problems of late adolescence." Still another recommended further psychiatric examination for the "uncommunicative" Pcolka. >> Transcript of Oct. 7, 1997 Videotaped Deposition of Bishop Edward Egan >> Transcript of Sept. 23, 1999 Videotaped Deposition of Bishop Edward Egan "If there is any question of this man's stability or ability," one doctor wrote, "I would recommend psychological testing before final vows." Despite his odd behavior, Pcolka was ordained in 1965 by then-Bridgeport Bishop Walter Curtis and assigned to St. Benedict's Parish in Stamford. Within months, he allegedly fondled an altar boy at the church...............
and this is the MOST shocking right here:

.............Over the course of five depositions, which were among the documents released Tuesday, Curtis testified that he kept "secret archives" from whichhe regularly purged "antiquated" complaints of sexual abuse. Curtis also said he viewed pedophilia as "an occasional thing" and not a serious psychological problem, and indicated that he was more concerned with weeding out potential gays among clergy applicants. In one deposition, Curtis claimed that there had been no complaints of children being sexually abused by a priest between 1961 and 1988 — even though multiple complaints had been filed. Although a dozen people eventually said they were abused by Pcolka, Curtis testified that he didn't remember any complaints against the priest, while Egan admitted that he dismissed many of the claims, simply saying in a deposition, "The 12 have never been proved to be telling the truth."...........

"These things [sexual abuse complaints] happen in such small numbers. It's marvelous when you think of the hundreds and hundreds of priests and how very few have ever been accused, and how very few have even come close to having anyone prove anything," Egan said in a deposition.............

here's some nyt coverage as well:

In Egan’s Depositions, a New View of a Sex Scandal



Then the lawyer sprang his big question: You could have prevented someone from hurting people and you decided not to. Why?

The witness was Edward M. Egan, then the Roman Catholic bishop of Bridgeport, Conn. The question was about a priest who had been accused of sexually molesting children.

“I didn’t make a decision one way or the other,” said Bishop Egan, whom the lawyer suggested had failed to act quickly against the cleric. “I kept working on it until I resolved the decision.”

The exchange is one of hundreds recorded in a vast trove of documents the Diocese of Bridgeport made public on Tuesday after battling in court for seven years to keep them sealed. The archive — more than 12,000 pages of memos, church records and testimony — was gathered for 23 lawsuits, alleging sexual abuse of children by seven priests, that the diocese settled in 2002.............

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