Sunday, November 29, 2009

shocking, shocking!!!

food carts (even from 'established restaurants') in OUR west hartford? oh hell, what is this, HARTFORD? in all seriousness, i really AM surprised about this. i know some of the 'rules' one has to adhere to when one has a restaurant in west hartford (some are incrediblly SILLY and/or STUPID) mmmmmmmmmm i could dig a falafel right about now.
Special Permit Would Allow Restaurants To Use Food Carts Outside In West Hartford
WEST HARTFORD — - Next summer, folks should be able to buy takeout gelato or other food from local restaurants if a proposal to allow sidewalk sales of food by established restaurants wins town approval. The proposal, sparked by a request earlier this year from several business owners, would allow a small number of already licensed restaurants to sell food from their restaurants in sidewalk carts in front of their addresses. The plan is still being refined. It seeks to amend zoning rules to create strict, first-ever regulations for food carts. Restaurants seeking a food cart would first need to apply to the town for a special use permit and attend a hearing before getting permission. "We're trying to avoid a Bushnell Park situation," Town Manager Ronald Van Winkle said Monday, referring to the numerous outdoor food vendors whose trucks and carts lined the street weekdays, catering to hungry pedestrians in a restaurant-poor stretch of Hartford.........
(in other words, we're trying to avoid ETHNIC foods or foods OF COLOR. well, that's MY interpretation at any rate)

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