Friday, October 02, 2009

ahava kids is an organization i have supported in the past

as a matter of fact, i JUST sent them another donation. i really do hope attorney general richard blumenthal is WRONG and/or mistaken in this case (i really DO have my fingers crossed). oh, not for my money, but for what was supposed to be happening WITH my money and everyone else's money. damn damn damn if this is true

AG Says Orphan Rescuer Misused Cash

AG claims Ahava Kids founder misused $100,000


Raymond Bechard’s mission seemed noble. The charity he founded claimed to serve vulnerable people -- victims of human trafficking and orphaned children with AIDS. But Attorney General Richard Blumenthal claims much of the money never went to help anyone other than Bechard himself.

Blumenthal has filed a lawsuit against Bechard, accusing him of pilfering up to $100,000 of $250,000 raised through Ahava Kids, Inc., an organization Bechard started in 2004 that was supposed to be a non-profit.

The Ahava Kids Web site shows sad children’s eyes and claims “your love is their last, best hope.” The plea for money says donations would help rescue victims in the United States and throughout the world.

Funds were also meant to go toward operating a hotline and safe houses, including one in Connecticut and one in Georgia, as well as to help prostitutes and to distribute AIDS medication to orphaned children in third-world countries..........

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