Tuesday, September 29, 2009

they (finally) caught and arrested heather brown

who is accused of robbing six banks in six days. it was only a matter of time. although i did think they'd catch her before now

Suspected Serial Bank Bandit Nabbed

Lawyer says drugs could be behind robberies (duhhhh)


With the hood of her sweatshirt covering her face, Heather Brown, 34, was escorted into the Montville State Police barracks to be booked. She's been formally charged with the September 21, 2009, robbery of a Citizen's Bank in Montville. Police believe she could be responsible for five others in the area.

"Different law enforcement agencies are probably working on their arrests warrants as we speak," said State Police Sgt. Chris Johnson.

After evading authorities for a week, police tracked down Brown in the north end of Hartford. They say they had information that she may be buying drugs in the area, so they staked out the neighborhood. When her truck pulled in, they quickly arrested her................

pic from the article at nbcconnecticut linked above

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