Monday, September 28, 2009

does she think she's NOT going to get caught?

i don't understand, i don't. she gets OUT of the joint after doing time for robbery and now she's at it again (allegedly although this sure as shite appears to be a picture of HER ROBBING A BANK).

Bank Bandit Strikes Again


Another day, another bank in Connecticut is robbed. The Connecticut Bank and Trust Company was robbed just before noon Saturday morning. That makes six banks in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island that have been robbed since last Monday and police think it is all by the same woman.

The woman police are calling a "person of interest" in the robberies is Heather Brown of Norwich. The New London Day reported that Brown was recently released from prison for a bank robbery in Groton City three years ago.

Each robbery has the same pattern. The woman captured on surveillance pictures has walked in to the banks, claimed she had a bomb, and walked out with cash.

Emma Gilbert who works near the CBT in Windsor says she is shocked it happened here. "A bank robbery is just unheard of in Windsor," Gilbert said. "It's something very real that people don't expect to happen every day."......

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