Tuesday, August 11, 2009

something to be proud of?????

please note the question marks in the title of this posting

ah and more to come. steve and maury are going to film in our fair state as well.

why not letterman or dick cavett i ask? why not the cream instead of the crap?

Jerry Springer Show Debuts In Connecticut
The Hartford Courant
STAMFORD - Audience members crowded to the Rich Forum in Stamford Monday morning for the first day of taping of The Jerry Springer Show in Connecticut. Starting this week, the converted stage theater is being used by NBC Universal to tape the talk show of the provocative talk show host, as well as The Steve Wilkos Show and "Maury," with Maury Povich.

The scene Monday was orderly, as many people who had arranged for tickets months in advance to be part of the first Springer show studio audience of about 175 people got their first glimpse at the theater. The Springer show, scheduled to tape three episodes today, is in its 19th season. Production moved from Chicago to Connecticut, lured by the state's 30 percent film and TV production credits.

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