Thursday, August 13, 2009

shout out to northwest park

in windsor. we just had our department picnic there. of course it was raining BUT we had a pavilion (well they called it the 'warming shed'). according to their website there's a picnic pavilion as well. i know they have an animal barn and a nature center and a pond and trails and a butterfly garden and a maple sugar house and a tobacco museum (it's WINDSOR y'all. HOME of connecticut tobacco). it's open to the public for use from dawn to dusk. i HIGHLY recommend it, especially if you have kids but it's fun for all ages. it's over 470 acres. it's a town park that is VERY well maintained.

yes, you can even grill (you have to bring it though). i believe you must reserve one of the picnic areas to grill though.

i had a blast. we played BINGO - using a real bingo set generously loaned to us by the half door

it stopped raining long enough for us to throw a football and play a bit of badminton and take a short walk here and there.

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