Wednesday, January 07, 2009

stupid connecticut (alleged) criminals

there it is again, the 'alleged' word. one MUST use it if the person one is talking about has NOT been convicted.

however, it pains me to do so in this case.

if in fact ms earley was DRUNK she deserves to have her child taken away from her IMMEDIATELY (and in my most humble opinion FOREVER)

if ms earley was indeed imbibing at a bar WITH A THREE WEEK OLD BABY (as i understand it, ms earley didn't 'allegedly breastfeed her baby until AFTER she left the bar) and walked out of the bar (allegedly) in a stupor, the bartender should be fired. if someone of management level was in the bar at the time of ms earley's alleged throwdown (of demon rum) the bar should be closed and shuttered forever.

if you read a rose is a rose from time to time you'll know a couple of things about me
1) i encourage and support breastfeeding anytime and anywhere*
2) i personally love to drink (i mention the half door VERY often. it's my home away from home. no, hell, it IS my home)

BUT to breastfeed while drunk that is entirely a different story. it is one of THE most outrageous, stupid, selfish, neglectful acts i have EVER heard of.

Mother Accused of DWB - Drinking With Baby

By Kyle Reyes
Middletown police have accused a Durham mom of bringing her infant daughter to a bar, drinking and then later breast feeding while she drank more booze.

Allanah Earley, 36, took her 3-week-old daughter to a bar, got drunk, then started stumbling around Middletown in the cold with the child, police said.

She made it to a friend's house, where she kept drinking and began breast feeding the baby, police said.

Earley couldn't stand up straight as police interviewed her, police said. Her speech was slurred and her eyes were bloodshot, police said.

*in sobriety of course

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