Saturday, January 10, 2009

i'm posting this because it's interesting

not because i agree with it. i'm of the belief a dog (or cat) should sleep INSIDE with the family. i'm not a believer in keeping dogs outside in doghouses. it is not within me to do such a thing.

it's a tough call though. i know these types of dogs LOVE the snow. i don't know if they love to pull sleds or not, but i'm guessing they do. i just don't know if they love to pull them for 100 miles or so.

but like i said, it's an interesting story

A Rare Connecticut Musher Marshals the Dogs

AS she begins her fifth season of competitive sled dog racing, Kathy Lesinski said her family has finally accepted that mushing is her prime pursuit.

Not that she can blame them for not taking her racing of Siberian huskies seriously at first — it’s hardly a burgeoning occupation in Connecticut, where dense development and a dearth of snow pose major training challenges.

She and her husband, Bill, have found ways to overcome those challenges — hustling their 15 dogs out for 3 a.m. training sessions when the weather will be too warm for the thick-coated dogs during the day, using an all-terrain vehicle instead of a sled when there is no snow and heading to New Hampshire for long periods during the racing season from November through March to find colder temperatures and more predictable snowfalls for 30-mile training runs...........

picture: Three Pairs Photography/Barry Millman

GO! Kathy Lesinski and some of her huskies in a 60-mile race last year in New Hampshire. She placed first.

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