Thursday, January 08, 2009

let's keep our fingers crossed

this looks good for now! i like what mr schroeder had to say (in larger type below)

'Savior' of Connecticut Papers Says Local Control Will Succeed

By Joe Strupp
NEW YORK Michael E. Schroeder, the incoming owner of two Journal Register dailies in Connecticut that were facing closure, says he can make them succeed by being a local operator.

Schroeder, whose background includes 15 years at Newsday and a stint running a failed Boston free weekly last year, plans to move from his Huntington, N.Y., home to an apartment near The Bristol (Ct.) Press and The Herald of New Britain by the end of the month.

"I am looking forward to being part of the community and rebuilding these newspapers," said Schroeder, 50, whose intent to purchase those two dailies was announced Wednesday. "I believe you have to be part of the community you are serving. You can't phone it in."......

New deal set to save Bristol Press
Press staff
NEW BRITAIN — With less than two weeks before staff at The Bristol Press and The Herald of New Britain were scheduled to cover their keyboards and lock the doors for the final time, a last-minute buyer has appeared to save the newspapers.

Publisher Edward Gunderson announced Tuesday that Michael E. Schroeder, owner of Central Connecticut Communications, has entered into a letter of intent to buy the two daily papers. The sale, which should be complete within two weeks, includes three weeklies: the Wethersfield Post, the Newington Town Crier and the Rocky Hill Post.

“We look forward to building upon the rich history of these properties as local businesspeople,” Schroeder said. “We plan to work with current staff, readers and advertisers to produce papers, Web sites and other media that successfully educate, inform and entertain the communities they serve.”.......

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