Wednesday, November 05, 2008

i've been thinking about this song for days now

it's just been on my mind. i can't think of any song more fitting. it was written for a purpose. it was written for a purpose back then, but it's the SAME purpose right now.

i haven't stopped crying since i left the voting booth yesterday morning. i had the foresight to ask to work from home yesterday, but like the giant dope i am, i did NOT have the foresight to ask to work from home today as well. people kept asking me (at work) if i was all right. they asked because i had not spoken a single word (unusual. VERY unusual). if they approached me and i looked at them, i just started crying again. i can't stop.i've never felt like this before. something is bubbling up from the very depths of my soul. hope? is that what it is?

my sister tells me her middle child 'k' who is in her early 20s was kick ass for obama. it's sort of shocking. only in that i never thought of her as political in any way shape or form. she made her boyfriend register to vote AND vote. he's considerably older than she AND he has never registered to vote or voted before. she made her older sister vote and she made her younger brother vote.i'm wellin' with pride about that. if you knew her you'd be just as blown away as i am. really

and just in case you didn't know why sam cooke wrote and sang this song ......

Sam Cooke's Swan Song of Protest

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