Wednesday, November 05, 2008

you know i almost didn't vote

for or against the constitutional convention. it was at the top of the ballot and didn't really stand out. i remembered it was supposed to be on the ballot at the last minute and i checked "NO" i didn't want the convention. we don't NEED it

if you don't wish to marry someone of the same sex DON'T. no one is forcing you. same sex couples are NOT going to turn YOU gay. you're either gay or not (i guess there are one or two people in the entire universe who are neither or both). same sex couples are NOT going to prevent hetero couples from marrying. they are NOT a threat to anyone. to this day, i just don't understand the negativity, the fear, the prejudice. i just don't

No Convention, Say Constitution State Voters

There will not be a Constitutional Convention in Connecticut, at least until 2028.

Voters in Connecticut have decided against holding a convention to amend the state's constitution, dealing a major blow to opponents of same-sex marriage.

The Associated Press reports, with 45 precincts counted, the question failed 61 percent to 39 percent.

Proponents of a convention had viewed it as the easiest path toward overturning last month's state Supreme Court ruling that found banning gay marriage unconstitutional...........

State To Allow Same-Sex Weddings Beginning Nov. 12

|The Hartford Courant
There will be a moment in her wedding that Geraldine Artis has looked forward to for many years.

"Suzanne is planning to sing to me. She sings so beautifully," said Artis, 39, of her partner, Suzanne Artis, 37, after learning Monday that same-sex couples would be able to get married in Connecticut beginning Nov. 12.

On that day, the state Supreme Court's Oct. 10 decision legalizing same-sex marriage will officially become effective. That same day, the plaintiffs in Kerrigan et al v. Commissioner of Public Health et al, and their attorneys from Boston-based Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, will return to Superior Court in New Haven, the state court where the legal case began four years ago.

During that hearing, Judge Jonathan Silbert is expected to enter final judgment in the case ordering the state to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, according to the Boston group. Couples from throughout the state will then be able to get marriage licenses at town clerks' offices statewide and from public health departments in Bridgeport, New Haven and Middletown................

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