Tuesday, November 18, 2008

#1 ) i am shocked

that i didn't hear about this until NOW (the avon cop's emails and barack obama)

like i commented on andy's blog; the cool justice report i worked in avon for more than 1/2 of my life. i saw what i saw when i worked there (meaning i saw who got stopped and who didn't).

how can ANYONE with half a brain pass misinformation on (of the sort that was happening with barack obama). i saw people (on videos, i never saw one in person) foaming at the mouth to get a noose out (and i'm NOT exaggerating either). i saw certain other people (one of whom was sareveil) egg these neo-facist neo-nazis on.

do people REALLY think barack obama is the devil? i don't know. i KNOW SOME PEOPLE THINK I AM (really they do. i'm not just saying that to make a point for this story. i've written that about me before)

  • Court Documents: Schwapp v. Town of Avon

  • Avon Cops Forwarded An Obama Smear Before The Election

  • School To Jail Tracking System For People Of Color In Connecticut

  • Failing to obey the posted limit (colin's original posting)

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