Tuesday, November 18, 2008

if this is true, it's a sad day indeed

my heart just sank and i feel sick to my stomach. as i've said before i could have forgiven da liebs if he would have supported mccain BUT DIDN'T SPEW HIS FILTH AGAINST OBAMA. nope, da liebs let fly with ALL SORTS OF SHITE about obama. now, we're letting him stay? NO NO AND NO. da liebs MUST GO

and i know it's a while away, but the good people of connecticut MUST KICK DA LIEBS TO the curb next time he comes up for re-election. he's scum of the lowest variety

i don't have it within me to forgive sarevil (she was responsible for stirring up the prejudical pot of fear) nor will i forgive da liebs
Democrats Showing Leniency With Lieberman, Source Says
By JESSE HAMILTON | The Hartford Courant

WASHINGTON - Sen. Joe Lieberman may get away with a minor punishment Tuesday morning when the Democratic caucus considers his case -- keeping his most prominent Senate position as chairman of the homeland security and governmental affairs committee, but potentially being stripped of a lesser role, according to a congressional source.

One of his two subcommittee chairmanships -- one with oversight over the Environmental Protection Agency and aspects of global warming -- is on the chopping block, the source said, adding that the negotiations concluded with "a general spirit of reconciliation."

That outcome is far less than some of the most angry Democrats called for, but it fits with the tone of satisfied dominance in this post-election Democratic Party -- including the leniency called for by President-elect Barack Obama.

When Lieberman stood on a Republican National Convention stage in September and told the nation that Obama wasn't ready to be president, Lieberman was going against the party that had granted him the chairmanships of one powerful committee and two subcommittees.........

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